Article: Memorex MyVideo Pocket Camcorders Now Available, HD Recording Optional

The folks at Flip really turned the camcorder industry on it’s heads with their Flip HD, that couldn’t be more apparent than the recent release of a dozen or so pocket size HD camcorders. Now Memorex is jumping into the mix with their Memorex MyVideo Camcorder series, offered in both HD and standard recording formats.

The MyVideo series features one-touch recording and included USB ports. It also ships with video editing software so you can shoot your videos, edit them immediately and get them posted on your blog or a video sharing website such as YouTube or even Facebook.

If you opt for the MyVideo HD you’ll also find an included HDMI output for the devices 720p recording capabilities. The non-HD model can be had for $99.99 while the HD version will only run you $30 more at $129.99.